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Jeff Dunne

Nexus is a syntropy-themed science fiction novel, and the flagship title for launching ICRL Press’s new division, Wyrder Books.  It is a story about two Champions from complementary worlds struggling to find a way to avoid the either/or expectations that have led them into the ultimate battle for survival.


Freeflow Stories: Musings on the Passing Scene, 2018-2022
Carolyn North

Freeflow Stories is the latest of three volumes of short pieces written by Carolyn North about the state of the world as seen through the lens of her daily life. Her purpose is to tell the truth (as gently as possible) about the positive aspects of what is happening in the world.

Worldshift Happens! Facing Down the Fear, Waking Up the Mind
Carolyn North

Worldshift Happens! is about having the courage to change when it is time to change. What might our lives look like when we do? This book explores some new ways of framing reality, looking aging and death straight in the eye, and telling the fictional story of a family of survivors of the Great Shift in the year 2125. They live hard and they live well, and they know how to turn adversity into an adventure.

Connected: The Emergence of Global

Roger D. Nelson

This is the story of the Global Consciousness Project, a unique 20-year scientific collaboration of researchers recording the effects of mass consciousness in response to major global events. Its findings are consistent with the wisdom traditions of many cultures and speak of humanity’s unity and deep connections through love, compassion, and the creative impulse.

The Evolution of Consciousness:
A New Science

Andrew Lohrey

The Evolution of Consciousness begins to set an agenda for science to include consciousness. This program may well result in making redundant many of the cherished assumptions of mechanical science. When consciousness is considered, for example, the standard fiction that space and time are physical features of an independent universe is seen for what it is: an illusion. Both are features of universal consciousness. The universe is not full of information, as many scientists have thought, but full of the relations of Meaning. This book demonstrates how humans have seven ways to see and make meaning of the world. These represent the steps in the evolution of consciousness as well as the developmental phases in each person’s spiritual path.

Embracing Life
David “Lucky” Goff, Ph.D.

Our story is changing. The Universe has given our species everything we need to actualize our potential. Evolution is knocking at our doors. The connected life is here. We are being fed this minute with the very nutrients that can assure that we live the lives that fulfill us and that serve the greater whole. Our natural inheritance, combined with the pattern that connects us with the rest of Life, calls us to be fully ourselves. This has always been the case, but now it is becoming more evident. Our lives are Life’s life. The details unfold within.

Science, Objectivity, and Consciousness
Emilios Bouratinos

This thought-provoking work offers a profound scholarly examination of how the process of objectification has come to limit our scientific and philosophical views of reality. The author proposes a new self-reflective interdisciplinary science of consciousness, one that recognizes subjective experience as a vital component of the activity of consciousness. By creating a bridge over the subject-object divide, Emilios Bouratinos hopes to open a door to a new kind of science, leading to both the betterment of research in many fields and the long-term assurance of human survival.

BEING & BIOLOGY: Is Consciousness the Life Force?
Edited by: Brenda Dunne
and Robert Jahn
Is consciousness actually the Life Force, the animating principle which underlies and unifies mind, body, and spirit in all living things, and which philosopher Henri Bergson termed the élan vital? This book offers a compendium of empirical evidence and theoretical perspectives from a broad range of scholarly disciplines, which suggest that there is an unbroken, non-local, collective aspect of consciousness that links distant individuals and events—a kind of resonant connectedness that defies separation in space and time.

riversRivers of Wind: Reflections on Nature and Language
Ben Kessler
In the midst of ecological catastrophe, indigenous persecution, and the attempted mechanization of the living world, the beauty of the earth remains defiantly vibrant. The voice of the world still speaks in tongues of wind and water, feather and flame, whether we listen or not.


molecularMolecular Memories
Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne

In 1979, Bob Jahn and Brenda Dunne, two individuals with vastly different backgrounds, experiences, and styles, and who had little in common beyond a shared vision, joined forces to create the unique scholarly enterprise that became the PEAR laboratory at Princeton University’s Engineering School.

syntropySyntropy: The Spirit of Love

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini

MOST OF US ARE FAMILIAR with the concept of entropy, the dissipative process that indicates the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a closed physical system. Entropy is unidirectional and always proceeds forward in time, but it fails to account for many scientific paradoxes, such as life itself. Less well known is its complementary principle:  syntropy, the subject of this book.

bava-2Bava’s Gift: Awakening to the Impossible
Michael Urheber

Based on events that can only be described as miraculous, Bava’s Gift brings together ideas in science and spirituality, and delivers a fresh and engaging perspective about the nature of such events. The story begins with the death of the author’s close friend, but everything takes an amazing turn when a hastily prepared experiment that requires the cooperation of the deceased shatters commonly accepted notions about reality.

spinoza2The Spirit of Spinoza: Healing the Mind
Neal Grossman

This refreshing representation of Spinoza’s system of thought is presented in a manner both intellectually satisfying and emotionally healing. In his theoretical understanding of what it is to be human, Spinoza maintains that the Source of the consciousness we experience as ourselves is a consciousness greater than our own. He is more than a metaphysician; he is a spiritual therapist, and the personal guidance he offers is unique in the history of philosophy.

mindmatterManifestations of Mind in Matter: Conversations about Art, Science, and Spirit
Iebele Abel

Iebele Abel is an artist, composer, author, and independent researcher in the field of perception and human consciousness. Iebele has studied the influence of mind on matter in the context of art, science, and spirituality. In this book he shares conversations about his work with leading scientists and philosophers in the field of consciousness research. Iebele is one of the first artists to work with quantum random event generators to directly manifest consciousness into images and music.

quirks2Quirks of the Quantum Mind
Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne

This book does not offer a quantum mechanical ‘explanation’ of human consciousness. Rather, it proposes something far more radical: namely, that quantum mechanics, like any other model of human representation, is both a reflection and a product of the mind, is fundamentally intuitive, and describes a reality of which we are an integral component.

marginsMargins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World
Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne

This pioneering work, which sparked intense controversy when it was first published in 1987, suggests that modern science, in the name of rigor and objectivity, has arbitrarily excluded the role of consciousness from its understanding of reality.

sourceConsciousness and the Source of Reality: The PEAR Odyssey
Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne

The title of this volume, intended as a sequel to Margins of Reality, conveys an important nuance in the PEAR research perspectives and aspirations as they have evolved. The authors now believe that the sundry anomalous physical phenomena that originally attracted our attention are deeply rooted in, and therefore significantly indicative of, a much more fundamental, profound, and ubiquitous metaphysical dynamic.

filtersFilters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality
edited by Brenda Dunne, Elissa Hoeger, Robert Jahn, and Zachary Jones

It has been said that when confronting the unexplained it is best to consider it from several different perspectives. In response to the original essay by Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, “Sensors, Filters, and the Source of Reality,” this anthology presents an assortment of such perspectives on how consciousness creates its experimental reality.

beginningIn the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World
Carolyn North and Adrienne Robinson

In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World is a beautifully illustrated and informative collection of creation stories from 15 cultures, using indigenous sources.

medium Phenomena: Observed in a Series of Sessions with Eusapia Palladino
Filippo Bottazzi, translated by Antonio Giuditta and Irmeli Routti

As fascinating as a theatrical piece, this true life narrative has a riveting plot: scientists at the Institute of Physiology of the University of Naples, attempt to penetrate the troubling mysteries of the occult and come to grips with the phenomena of mediumship, its dynamics and possibilities.