Online Discussions

ICRL hosts a variety of online events.  Some are focused on specific presentations, such as our monthly Meetups, but many are designed to be interactive in nature.  In 2021, we convened a weekly series of  general discussions, which you can view here.

At this time, we have three additional series:

The Information Field

Our “Information Field” Discussion Series has been meeting since the fall of 2023.  The membership of this is already closed, but the outcomes from those discussions will be shared, likely in late 2024.


Synchronicities and Anomalies

We are establishing a new Discussion Series on the topic of “Synchronicities and Anomalies”, to begin within the next month or two.  If you would like to participate, please reach out to and express interest.


Share Your Light

Starting February 17, 2024, ICRL is running the “Share Your Light” series.  This is a weekly opportunity to briefly (2-5 minute) share something positive that happened to you in the past week.

ICRL has several goals of “Share Your Light”.  Foremost, we aim to encourage people to focus on the positive aspects of their lives.  Beyond this we seek to capture that positivity in an enduring form, putting it in a framework beyond the individual.  For each session we will create visual art manifestations of the discussion.  Some will be from human artists who will capture the essence of the discussion in drawings, sketches, or paintings; others will be created using Generative AI.  We believe a comparison of the human-created and algorithm-generated images will itself represent an important message to be shared.

Unlike the other Discussion Series, which will have a final, unchanging set of participants, the “Share Your Light” series will remain open for new participants to join at any time, and no  specific attendance/participation rate is required.  Simply join when you can by registering here for sessions.

You can view artwork from past sessions here.