The idea that physical reality is independent from consciousness is a perspective hobbling inexorably into the mausoleum of failed worldviews. Whether one considers the abundance of scientific evidence to the contrary, the wisdom of history’s great philosophers, or simply the personal experience of nearly every single person in the world, one thing is for certain: consciousness plays a pivotal role in the establishment of physical reality.

The International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) is a consortium of individuals from all walks of life, united within a shared passion:  understanding consciousness for a better tomorrow.  We seek to engage with communities at a local level, providing resources for individuals and organizations to expand their own understanding of consciousness as it relates to science, art, education, and health, as well as propagate that understanding to others.  We hope that we can, even if in just small ways, help evolve society towards a happier, healthier synergy with the world around us.

We hope you will take a moment to learn more about us, our history, and the opportunities we provide, and invite you to reach out  to become part of the ICRL family.