In Memoriam

With great sadness, we acknowledge the passing in November 2017 of Dr. Robert G. Jahn, founder and Chairman of the Board of ICRL.


1930 – 2017

Our Vision

ICRL envisions a future in which the boundaries of science have been expanded,  and where the subjective and the objective domains of experience stand as equal contributors in a holistic  representation of reality.  In that future, we will not be asked to choose between the intuitive or the logical, between the mind or the body, or between science and art but all these dualities will be seen as complementary aspects of a unified language to describe the world around and within us.

Our Mission

The primary mission of ICRL is to promote a science of the subjective that will enable us to explore the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality.  Towards this end, we support the measurement, study, and exploration of anomalous phenomena alongside traditional fields of investigation, recognizing subjectivity as an indispensible factor in unifying both into a holistic model of the universe.

To achieve this, we engage in a broad agenda of educational outreach that seeks to encourage a new generation of creative investigators.  Within that context, the ICRL Press publishes an array of books by a select group of eminent authors, who address the relationships among science, consciousness, and spirituality.  We offer links to pertinent creative studies, scholarly articles, collaborative research projects, and technical reports, many of which are available on our Publications page, and we host periodic Meet-up gatherings featuring distinguished guest speakers.