ICRL is dedicated not only to a better understanding of the nature of consciousness, but to the application of that understanding towards bettering ourselves and the world around us.  Such changes must happen at every level and in every sector of society, culture, and industry, each of which displays a strong resistance to change.  We believe that changes will only come about from a steady and consistent change in the way people are trained to view and interact with the world, and that the surest approach to this is through education.

We strive to support such education at a variety of levels.  The majority of ICRL Press titles are aimed at college and post-collegiate readers, although we have a strong interest in expanding our publishing to include a broader audience – and especially youth.  We provide grants and non-financial resources to teachers to help them introduce consciousness-centric content into their classrooms.  ICRL is also open to supporting students at all levels with scholarships to support learning opportunities with a consciousness focus.

Other ICRL activities with an educational focus include meetups in which guest speakers discuss topics related to consciousness, and the coordination of discussion groups where people can come and share their own perspectives.