Vision and Mission

Our Vision

ICRL envisions a future of acceptance and balance, where a person is not asked to choose between their mind and their body, the intuitive and the logical, or between science and art.  In this future, people recognize that consciousness and conscious choice play a critical role in the formation of reality, not just in establishing meaning and giving value to personal experiences, but in influencing the behaviors and the very nature of that which is considered external to the self.  People will take responsibility for who they are, what they think, and how they respect and treat both other people and the environment, and recognize that the health and happiness of the people and the world around them has a real, substantive impact on their own wellbeing.

Our Mission

The primary mission of ICRL is to promote a science of the subjective that will enable us to explore the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality. We believe that all experiences, objective and subjective, represent important data points to be considered in the development of a worldview, and encourage the exploration of anomalous phenomena to ensure that the resulting views are holistic and inclusive of the role consciousness plays in the establishment of reality.

We further believe that the sharing and integration of individual worldviews is critical to the formation of both a science of the subjective and a respectful and healthy society, and promote efforts focused on improving our ability to communicate effectively and build strong, positive relationships.  Towards this end, we support the utilization of art as a means of expression and metaphor, especially as it pertains to the understanding of consciousness and the nature of reality.  In this context, ICRL will undertake educational activities that help people expand their understanding of, and fluency with, concepts such as consciousness, science, and spirituality.