Episode 7: You’ll Never Get There from Here: REG Experiments

John Valentino, Menlo Park, California

Random Event Generators (REGs) have attracted the attention of scientists and engineers interested in exploring consciousness correlated physical phenomena because they produce extremely reliable baseline data and enable the possibility of robust statistical exploration of mind-matter effects. Unfortunately, in spite of many significant experimental databases and promising pilot projects, broad success in replicating consciousness correlated anomalies has been elusive and there is little consensus on the primary physical and psychological drivers of the phenomena. In addition, many attempts to “out-engineer” or understand the effect through traditional objective viewpoints have resulted in little or no success and pragmatic applications of the effects are arguably no farther along than they were decades ago.

This informal discussion will draw on stories and experiences “from the field” to touch on some of the key scientific, personal, and societal issues involved in attempting to meaningfully explore consciousness related anomalies using Random Event Generators. Rather than proposing definitive answers, it will seek to highlight some important questions and suggest why certain aspects of our scientific paradigm and conventional notions of reality may not be conducive to understanding these effects.

John Valentino began exploring consciousness related anomalies at the PEAR lab when he was seventeen years old. Shortly afterward he co-founded Psyleron, an organization that provides Random Event Generators (REGs) and REG-related technologies to the public for the purpose of enabling researchers and interested laypersons to explore and come to their own conclusions about the nature and reality of these phenomena. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton University and a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Business and Engineering from Lehigh University.