Dale Graff

Dale GraffDale Graff, MS Physics, is a retired aerospace engineer/physicist with a background in the aerospace future systems designs and the Gemini space program, followed by work for the military intelligence community exploring the  viability of remote perception.  His presentation for ICRL is entitled: Time Exploration: Perceiving Future News Photographs and other Excursions into Precognition and Synchronicity.    

  Many people experience glimpses of unpredictable future events.   These experiences and results from psi research with precognition illustrate that some aspects of the future can be known.

His talk reviews some of his recent research with precognition when the objective was to perceive photographs in future newspaper publications.  The future time was either 3 days or 7 days ahead to assure that the photographs, and the events, had not occurred when the psi sessions were scheduled. Precognitive information was sought through either the Conscious State Psi (CSP) or Dream State Psi (DSP).

Other precognitive experiments had photographs selected in the future based on professional sport activity results.  Coincidences that occurred during some of these experiments illustrate a connection between synchronicity and precognition. Some of the psi dreams became lucid and dynamic.

Results from precognitive experiments and synchronicities indicate a retrocausal principle, or effect, exists that facilitates subconscious interactions between “the future” and “now.”

These interactions facilitate our natural precognitive abilities and coordinate synchronistic events for improving our lives. He discusses the implications of precognition for a holistic concept about time and the future.

Further background on Dale E. Graff :  his career with the intelligence community was with the Air Force Foreign Technology Division (FTD) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  Key assignments were Chief of the Advanced Concepts Office and Chief/Director of the Stargate remote viewing unit at Ft. Meade, MD.  He coined the term, Stargate, to represent an innovative effort for expanding human potential.  Currently he facilitates seminars, workshops and pursues independent research on psi phenomena, ESP, remote viewing and precognitive dreaming. His published books Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and River Dreams focus on psi as a natural and holistic aspect of subconscious mind. His website is www.dalegraff.com.