ICRL Looking For “Intern”

As you likely know from having visited our website, the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) is a Not-For-Profit organization focused on leveraging an understanding of consciousness for the betterment of society and the world in general.  In recent years, we have slowly expanded the scope of our activities, and are looking for a motivated, responsible “intern” to assist us with a variety of tasks.

The candidate we are seeking is skilled in visual and digital arts, an effective communicator, creative, proficient with technology and social media, and interested in matters of consciousness and the nature of reality.  Further, and very importantly, the candidate must be professional and reliable – we are looking for someone committed to providing quality work on time.

The main responsibilities of this role will include:
  • Coordinating meeting logistics (primarily Zoom meetings at the moment) for online discussions
  • Taking notes during these discussions (which will be conducted in English)
  • Transforming those notes into artistically-expressed “minutes/records” that share the ideas/content in inspiring and compelling ways (i.e. not just writing a set of notes, but creating sharable art that embodies those notes in a way that speaks to emotions)
  • Creating digital content for both social media and our website
In the future, these responsibilities could be expanded based upon the interests of the candidate and the evolving needs of ICRL.

This is a paid opportunity, based on pre-negotiated hours worked (i.e. it is hourly up to a mutually-agreed-upon limit).

If you are interested, please send the following materials to submissions@icrl.org:
  • An email “cover letter” providing a brief overview of your background, interests, and why this opportunity appeals to you
  • A resume
  • Artistic portfolio samples
  • Salary requirements

Lastly, please note that we are using the term “intern” loosely; you do not need to be a student, nor in any age bracket, to apply.  There are no geographic constraints on who may apply, but be aware that events will generally occur on weekends afternoons in the EDT time zone.