What We Do

In pursuit of our mission to establish a science of the subjective capable of describing the nature of consciousness, as well as transforming such an understanding into a set of activities that promote a healthy, respectful society, ICRL seeks to undertake efforts across a spectrum of fields, including:

  • Science, and particularly reworking the current scientific paradigm to establish a Science of the Subjective where the scientific method can be effectively applied to the fundamentally subjective universe experienced by human beings;
  • Art and other forms of language necessary for sharing subjective experience, and their use in communicating one’s understanding of the nature and role of consciousness to others;
  • Education, with a strong emphasis on making the concepts and implications of a subjective universe described by a subjective science accessible to people at as early an age as possible; and
  • Health at scales that range from the individual to the entire planet, and the critical role that consciousness plays in the processes of recovering from trauma of all natures – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

ICRL pursues these efforts in a variety of ways, such as mentoring, providing financial support, publishing, and hosting meetups and workshops.  You can learn more about getting involved with ICRL on our Opportunities page.