About ICRL

The International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) is a consortium of individuals from all walks of life, united within a shared passion: understanding consciousness for a better tomorrow.

We see three core components to achieving this broad goal, specifically to…

a)  better understand the nature of consciousness;
b)  investigate how consciousness relates to ourselves and the  world we experience; and
c)  explore how those understandings can guide us toward a healthier future at both the individual and societal levels.

While ICRL was initially focused on preserving and sharing the results from decades of scientific research performed by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory, science is only one piece of a much greater puzzle.  As a small
(501(c)(3) organization, ICRL cannot address every dimension of that puzzle, but some of our current areas of interest include:

  • Science, and especially the expansion of the current scientific paradigm in order to establish a Science of the Subjective, in which the scientific method can be effectively applied to the fundamentally subjective universe experienced by human beings;
  • Art as the oldest and most proven language of subjective experience, and a necessary complement to mathematics in any effective description of subjective experience;
  • Education, with a strong emphasis on making the concepts and implications of a subjective universe (described by a subjective science) accessible to people at as early an age as possible; and
  • Health as it applies from the individual to the entire planet, and the critical role that consciousness plays in the processes of recovering from trauma, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

We invite you to learn more about who we are and what we do , whether it is this idea of a Science of the Subjective, the books we publish, or our current activities, such as regional meetups, grant opportunities, workshops, and other efforts.

Please register on our mailing list if you would like to stay informed about ICRL’s activities by email, and if you like what ICRL is about, we hope you will consider supporting us by purchasing  books, ICRL swag, or with a tax-deductible donation.