Interviews and Videos

Interview with Ryan Bissett, “Chasing Reality,”  10/22/19 : Video and Audio

BBC film, “Heretic” by Tony Edwards:

Mishlove interview, “Consciousness-Related Anomalies at Princeton,” 6/21/19 :

Mishlove interview, 6/28/19:   “Inside the PEAR Lab”:

Mishlove interview, 7/5/19:   “The Quantum Mind”:

Interview, Existential Consciousness Research Institute, Germany, 1/10/20:  Brenda Dunne about consciousness and the PEAR Lab – YouTube

9/5/19 – SSE Founders Lecture | Brenda Dunne – YouTube

Anthony Chene video, 1/24/21:     “The Primacy of Consciousness – Interview with Brenda Dunne”

Interview with Nanci Triveletto, 8/7/15, at the 2015 IAC conference in Portugal:  Research on consciousness and anomalous … – YouTube

Bob Jahn – On the Science of the Subjective