One thing is inescapably clear: if we are going to make a change in the years to come, we need people to be there who are ready to make those changes.  Said another way, the best investment we can make for tomorrow is today’s students.

Are you a student with a desire to improve our understanding of the nature of consciousness or find a way to use consciousness-related phenomena to make the world a better place? If so, but you need some assistance to make those dreams come true, we want to support you.

Now to add a little practicality to that bold offer, please note:

  • We are a small organization. We are not going to be able to send you to college.
  • We target our scholarships toward students with specific objectives, such as:
    • Defraying costs so that you can present at a conference
    • Helping to cover tuition for a particular class that would otherwise not be available
    • Supporting some kind of student activity that is aligned with ICRL’s mission and vision.
  • We do not put any strict limits on dollar amounts for scholarship requests, but keep in mind that a) scholarships of $30 would cost us more to execute than they would be worth, and b) scholarships of $30,000 would bankrupt us in no time flat.

If you are interested in applying for an ICRL scholarship, please contact us at .  In no more than one page, let us know what the scholarship would support, why you are the right person to receive it, how it aligns with ICRL’s interests, and of course how much you are requesting.