The PEAR Proposition
A Quarter Century of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

As an important element of PEAR’s transition program, we have recently prepared a comprehensive educational DVD/CD set titled “The PEAR Proposition.”

Two DVDs offer the viewer a synopsis of the program’s history; a virtual tour of the PEAR laboratory; four lectures by Professor Jahn; informal commentaries by staff members, interns, operators, and friends; an assortment of downloadable PEAR publications; and sundry interstitial material that attempts to capture the spirit and substance of the PEAR enterprise.

An audio disk records a conversation between Bob Jahn and Brenda Dunne in which they talk about the interpersonal dynamics that have characterized the program, and share their perspectives on the interpretations and implications of the research results.


DVD ONE (Video + Data)

Opening Videos

  1. PEAR Synopsis (22:30)
  2. Lecture Introduction (14:00)
  3. Lab Tour (91:45)

DVD Data

  1. Lecture Slides
  2. Articles, Materials, Links

DVD TWO (Video)

Robert Jahn Lectures

  1. Purpose, History, Style: Human-Machine Experiments (74:15)
  2. Human-Machine Experiments II (69:45)
  3. Theoretical Modeling and Review of Science History (68:15)
  4. Theoretical Modeling II (69:00)

Additional Materials

  1. York Dobyns Lecture: Data Selection and Optional Stopping (18:30)
  2. A Conversation with Jahn and Dunne (excerpt)
  3. Living PEAR (28:00)
  4. PEAR Family Slideshow (3:00)

AUDIO CD (Audio)

  1. A Conversation with Jahn and Dunne (complete) (62:00)

An Abridged Edition of the PEAR Proposition DVD, containing only the laboratory tour, is available upon special request, for $15 plus shipping. Please contact ICRL for more information.

The PEAR Proposition
Directed by Aaron Michels
Produced by StripMind Media
Duration: 520 minutes
Format: NTSC DVD + CD
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1