Episode 8: The “Macroscope:” A Tool for Exploring Topological Relations

Zachary Stark Jones, artist, New York City

In this essay, the author describes the concept of a “macroscope” – a model that synthesizes forms across the scales of universal structure. The self-reflective activity of consciousness is shown in a physical manner, providing conceptual access to aspects of reality beyond the reach of direct experience. The ancient alchemists adhered to the Hermetic principle: “What is below is like that which is above, to accomplish the miracles of one thing.” Scale is paramount to this process, as our tools and models facilitate awareness beyond the dimensions of our body. Those tools and models become part of the language of our thinking, and they become the governors of perception and cognition. By a mind-matter dialectic can the instruments of our perception bias the physical reality? The methods the ancients used for conveying systems knowledge can still be utilized today in the development of human consciousness.

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