John Kruth

John KruthJohn G. Kruth is the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center ( and the Founder and Education Director of the Rhine Education Center ( His 20+ years of professional technology experience and 8+ years as a professional researcher provide a unique insight into the integration of technology and parapsychological research. His research includes explorations into psychic healing, the energy behind psychokinesis, measurements of biophotons (ultraviolet light) from energy healers, applications of remote viewing for investments, and poltergeist activity and other unconscious effects on electronic devices.

John’s recent research on the effects of mood and emotion on electronic devices is built upon the echoes of the research done at the PEAR Lab for so many years.  Instead of exploring intentional effects on electronic devices, as was done at PEAR, Kruth’s research focuses on real-world systems and how unconscious activity might disrupt electronic signals and communication systems.

From psychic healing to PK, Kruth explores the energies of the human body and how they influence the world around us, both consciously and unconsciously. Do people produce light, and if they do, can that light carry information or have an effect on the objects, animals, and even other people?

You can follow John’s work at:
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Meetup details: Saturday, Sept 15th, 2018, 1:00 to 3:30pm at the D&R Johnson Education Center, One Preservation Place (off Rosedale Road), Princeton, NJ. There is no charge, but a $15 donation would be welcomed.  Please register through