Kai Kusinow Leads Tai Chi Workshop

Kai Kusinow

Kai Kusinow returns to the ICRL MeetUp series, this time to give a Tai Chi workshop at the meeting on December 8th.

He will review the Woo Style of Tai Chi that is graceful movement for improving balance and stability, and restoring good posture. It also helps to bring out inner energy for health and healing.

Kai was born in Displaced Person Camp in Germany in 1946 and came to the U.S. in 1956. From the age of four, he was trained by his mother and the ancient teachers who had taught her in The Woo Style of Thai Chi and a form of Body Alignment healing. He’s been teaching Tai Chi and Body Alignment for almost 25 years.

He was also tutored to understand all about the Circle of Life and be one with the Universe and to be able to embrace all.  At his first ICRL MeetUp, he described the concept of Cosmic Riders, and how we can understand our existence within that framework.